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SB POWER 200-20L

Pack size: 20L
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SB POWER 200 dissolves persistent contaminations in an effective manner. It is manufacturered using majority of ingredients that are renewable. 

SB POWER 200 was developed to replace solvents containing VOC and/or irritant substances, but not to loose any of the cleaning perfromance. It presents Health and Safety benefits to users and also reduces the impact on the environment, see the SDS for further information 

The highly-concentrated cleaner has been NSF-certified for use in the food industry. persistent greases, anti-rust waxes, adhesive residues, bitumen, tectyl, silicone, sealing compounds, rubber, persistent carbonisations. 

Highly effective in removing burnt on carbon and other contaminants from ball bearings, gearing, worm drives, hydraulic cylinders, pumps etc. SB POWER 200 will evaporate more slowly than conventional solvents, resulting in longer exposure times, and hence high effectiveness and efficiency.

It is designed not to leave any oily residues on the cleaned surfaces. 

  • ready-to-use, low foam degreaser
  • For removal of adhesive and glue residues, corrosion protection (Tactile), corrosion protection in marine environment, stubborn grease, Tar, nicotine , oil, separating agents, silicon's, rubber residues, wax and more
  • Manual cleaning and SOAK BOX compatible
  • High flash point (> 100°C/212°F)
  • Pleasant odour
  • VOC-reduced, NSF approved
  • Check for compatibility when used on plastics, rubber, varnished surfaces
  • Very economical, an extremely thin layer will suffice
  • Excellent cleaning effect also in the cold

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