24 7 Cleaning – Duch Tech Power Clean

8 November 2016

We talk about our duct-tech solution a lot. But you don’t need to take our word for it, here is proof of just some of the amazing results our customers have been getting from the duct-tech range of products.

We recently tested our duct-tech power clean and duct-tech gel for a kitchen canopy and duct clean. The product previously used by our customer is classed as a corrosive which means it can be harmful to users. Our product on the other hand is an irritant which means it is much friendlier to use.

As shown in the pictures below the duct-tech worked very effectively. The customer even mentioned that he noticed significant improvements from the original product. The team also found it more pleasant to work with, with a far less aggressive odour. In terms of the clean, a particular difference was seen with the reduction of white marks left after cleaning the canopy, which is a result of Rozone products being less caustic.

The customers were particularly impressed with the duct-tech gel, which comes in a sprayable gel that sticks to surfaces, ensuring that grease is removed with ease.

If you want to put Rozone products to the test, then get in touch on 0121 526 8181.

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