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Smartwasher® is the Alternative to Solvent Parts Cleaners

Designed to remove inter-operational oils, greases and coolants from component parts the smarter way

The Smartwasher® parts cleaning system is both self-cleaning and non-hazardous – employing a clever technology called bioremediation to dramatically minimise waste fluid generation, reducing the headache of hazardous waste removal and bringing savings to the user.

Cost effective, safe to use, durable and most importantly a parts washer that works – Smartwasher® is the innovative parts cleaning system that combines superior performance with environmental responsibility at an affordable price. With tens of thousands of users across Europe, it’s the smarter way to clean parts and equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Solvent Free
  • No vapours
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic degreasing
  • No monthly service contracts
  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Lower risk to employees and the environment
  • No “Solvent Directive” issues
  • Simplified CoSHH reporting
  • Assists in ISO14001

High Performance, Sustainable Parts Cleaning For the Aerospace Industry

  • Unlike kerosene and solvent partswashers Smartwasher® does not leave a film on components – critical for the strict FOD inspection requirements (no Foreign Object Debris)
  • Mobile PCS23 Smartwasher® eliminates health & safety risks associated with manual handling as the partswasher can be moved to the machine where the parts need cleaning – also saving time
  • Improves your carbon footprint
  • Demonstrate innovation and environmental awareness when servicing customers

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Choose the Right Smartwasher® For You

PCS25 – Standard Sink Smartwasher®

Static machine with super capacity pump, pumping 15L per minute. Flo-thru brush and flexible nozzle give a powerful adjustable flow rate with a filter basket set into sink tray to trap larger particles.

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PCS23 – Mobile Smartwasher®

Great if you need to move the partswasher to the cleaning application or have more than one work station; comes with all the same features as the PCS25 Smartwasher®.

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PCS28 – Supersink Smartwasher®

Extra large sink for those bigger parts or a two man job but still with the same 80L fill as the PCS25 Smartwasher®; comes with all the same great features too.

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How Smartwasher® Works


Grease and oil are washed off the dirty part and flow through the Filter into the Smartwasher® base.


The Filter is the KEY to the system – it not only traps particles down to 50 micron, it also contains Ozzy microbes.


Heated to 40°c, the microbes become active and eat the oil and grease turning them into CO2 and water – effectively recycling the fluid.

Sceptics of Water Based Cleaning Converted

“We chose the Mobile PCS23 Smartwasher® because it is non-flammable, non-hazardous and poses no risk to employees. It also eliminates the health and safety risks associated with manual handling. Technicians can move the machine to where the parts need cleaning and they no longer have to carry the components in trays to the partswasher. This saves them time. We have also found that unlike the kerosene bath we were previously using the Smartwasher’s® degreasing fluid does not leave a film on the components, critical for us and our customers when meeting strict.

FOD inspection requirements (no Foreign Object Debris). After using the Smartwasher® for a few months, any sceptics of water-based cleaning have been converted – everyone is incredibly impressed with the machine’s cleaning capabilities. The manoeuvrability of the Smartwasher® makes the job easier and the cleaning process more efficient.”

Carl Goodlad, Production Manager – AE Aerospace, Birmingham

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