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Fire and Flood Damage Management

Rozone`s approach to fire and flood damage restoration is without equal. With over 30 years` experience working in partnership with the industry, our chemical formulations are designed specifically for purpose -  to clean, protect and restore and can meet almost any fire, smoke, water damage or odour removal requirement, no matter how complex or challenging.

Our range includes everything required to deal with tough fire and flood remediation, from cleaners and degreasers to sanitisers, odour neutralisers, smoke encapsulation, corrosion control and surface finishing products. The range also includes ancillary products and dry goods to assist in all aspects of the restoration job from chemical application equipment to PPE, cloths, wrapping and storage.

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Bubble Wrap Clear - Small Bubbles (750mm x 200m) 2 Pack
  • Bubble Wrap Clear Small Bulbbles (750mm x 200m) 2 Pack
  • Lightweight large bubble wrap. Soft cushioning. Tough protection
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Bucket - Contractors
  • Bucket - Contractors
  • 10L capacity
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Bucket - Mop with Sieve Wringer
  • Bucket - mop with sieve wringer
  • 5L Capacity
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Chloride Test Case
  • Chloride Test Case
  • Chloride Salts left on a surface before application of a coating can result in the coating system being forced off the surface by corrosion or blistering before the full life of the coating has been reached.
  • Quick on site test for chloride contamination
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Cloths - White Cotton AllSheet
  • Cloths - White Cotton AllSheet
  • Less absorbent than towelling rags.....however no chance of linting or bobbling....use for detailed work
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Cloths - White Terry Towel offcut
  • Cloths - White Terry Towel offcut
  • Absorbent rags
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Dust Pan & Brush set
  • Dust Pan & Brush set
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Dust Sheet - Heavy Cotton
  • Dust Sheet - heavy cotton
  • Heavyweight dust sheet. Ideal for heavy duty work
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Dust Sheet - Non Woven
  • Dust Sheet - non woven
  • Lightweight non woven dust sheet that is coated to prevent paint penetrating through it. Reusable, drapes easily, lint and dust free. Ideal cheap, effective protection for floors, furniture and cars. Much superior to disposable polythene dust sheets.
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Eye Wash Station
  • Eye Wash Station with Mirror
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Ear Plugs (corded)
  • Ear Plugs (corded)
  • Orange tapered ear plugs
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Gel - Citrus Zest (Pack of 24)
  • Unique gel holder design. Packed with fresh citrus fragrance. Size 56mm high x 51mm diameter
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Gloves - Disposable Vinyl (10 XLarge) (Pack 100)
  • A single use non-sterileglove for minimal risk applications. Ambidextrous design with rolled cuff for extra strength
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Gloves Disposable Latex
  • A single use non-sterile glove for minimal risk applications. Non-sterile and lightly powdered with USP grade cornstarch.
Gloves Disposable Latex Powder Free
  • A single-use, non-sterile glove for minimal risk applications. Ambidextrous design with a rolled cuff for extra strength. 
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Gloves Disposable Nitrile Powder Free Blue
  • Made from 100% BLUE NITRILE, these gloves are chlorinated on both sides for easier donning and improved grip.
From £17.47

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