FL-3 Filter Box

SKU: 11020420

The FL-3 Filter introduces the microbes into the Smartwasher system. The top white layer is designed to trap large particulates whilst the blue layer provides support for the microbes. These microbes migrate from the Rozone Filter into the Rozone Juice in the Smartwasher tank and break down the oil and grease washed off dirty parts effectively cleaning the solution

  • Contains millions of micro-organisms
  • Releases micro-organisms into the partswasher where they break down or "eat" the oil and grease washed off dirty parts
  • Traps large particles of grease and oil
  • Needs to be changed monthly to maintain cleaning performance of partswasher

Benefits of using Smartwasher

Less pollution to the local and global environment, negligible hazardous waste production, no service contract required and no visits from service agent with related costs of vehicle fuel consumption and emissions
Non-toxic, non-flammable, pH neutral, no vapours
Reduced servicing costs, low hazardous waste charges, reduced insurance premiums and PPE expenditure