Shukers invest in a Rozone Smartwasher

21 September 2017

The new Shukers Land Rover Dealership in Aberystwyth has just invested in Rozone’s innovative bioremediating parts cleaning machine, the Smartwasher®.

Offering superior cleaning power that is safe and effective on any oily component part, the Smartwasher® offers significant benefits to both the user and the environment as it reduces the use of harsh toxic chemicals, helps technicians work more safely and also benefits the environment through its clever self-recycling technology. Traditional solvent part washers usually involve expensive service contracts, the Smartwasher® brings savings to the user as it dramatically reduces waste fluid generation and can be easily maintained in-house.

Joe Barney, Managing Director at Shukers says: “we chose Rozone`s Smartwasher® because the health and safety of our employees is paramount and it is important to us to safeguard our surrounding environment – the Smartwasher®is non-hazardous, non-flammable, emits no VOCs or vapours and poses no threat to our technicians – in fact it is heated to 40°c so they actually enjoy using it! With all these benefits and the cost savings on eliminating a monthly service contract the investment justification was very easy to make.”

With a rich history that stretches back hundreds of years, the Shukers group has decades of motoring experience working with popular brands including Land Rover and Hyundai and has a hard-earned reputation for quality. Shukers have chosen to clean smarter why don`t you give the Smartwasher® a go.

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