You are now the proud owner of a Smartwasher®... now to look after Ozzy™ and his Microbes!

Hello, it’s Beth from Rozone and I am here to give you some advice on how to maintain your Smartwasher® to get the most out of it.

Firstly, you must remember to change the filter every month. It is really important to renew the filter each month because it contains Ozzy™ microbes that keep the smart washer working.

The Ozzy™ microbes live for around four weeks before dying off, so a monthly filter change replenishes the colony of microbes in the SmartWasher®. If you don’t do this you will get a build up of oil and grease and unusable fluid –  getting the machine back into action could cost you over £200.

So please change the Ozzy Filter™ each month, keep the SmartWasher® on and heated to 40 degrees and then Ozzy™ can do his job properly.

Below I have included some more advice on Frequently Asked Questions about your SmartWasher®:

What happens to all the grease, oil and other contaminations during washing?

The filter mat traps the large particles (which is why it is so important to change your filter) the rest of the contaminants will be washed into the base of the SmartWasher®. The microbes in the cleaning fluid decompose the remaining contaminates into carbon dioxide and water.

How much oil can I put in at a time?

As with all parts cleaners excessive grease, oil and fluids should be disposed of prior to washing. The SmartWasher® can handle large, tough, dirty jobs, but was not designed to be a waste oil dump.

What do I do if the filter mat clogs up quickly with grease?

You may need to use the multi-layer filter mat – find them on our website.

How often should I change the microbes mat?

You should change the mat every 4-6 weeks depending on the pollution degree.

How often do I need to change the fluid?

With normal use and proper maintenance, you should never have to change the solution! The microbes clean the solution. However, once a year the sump of the device should be cleaned.

How often do I add fluid to the SmartWasher®?

Under normal use, it will be necessary to add detergent every 2-3 month. The SmartWasher® is equipped with an indicator light that will let you know when it is time to add fluid..

Can I just add water to the SmartWasher® to adjust the fluid level?

No. Even though the system fluid is water based and additional water will dilute the fluid and negatively affect the cleaning power.

Can I buy the detergent as a concentrate and mix it with water?

No. The detergent is pre-blended with specially treated water to ensure the best quality of the cleaning solution that is put into the SmartWasher®.

Can I use other solutions in the SmartWasher®?

No. The SmartWasher® parts cleaning system has been painstakingly developed to work effectively as a whole – machine parts, fluid and the microbes. Other solutions may damage the machine or kill the microbes, thereby eliminating the advantages of the SmartWasher®. The use of other solutions in the SmartWasher® will void the warranty.

Does the SmartWasher® always have to be plugged in? What if not?

The unit should always be plugged in so that the heating can keep the optimal temperature of 38°C. This temperature keeps the microbes breaking down the oil/grease/etc. at maximum level. If you switch your SmartWasher® off for a long period of time, you will need to reactivate the microbes by adding a bottle of microbe booster to the tank and insert a new filtration mat.