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SMARTWASHER® is the ultimate industrial degreasing machine - an alternative to solvent parts cleaners

The Smartwasher® parts cleaning system is both self-cleaning and non-hazardous – employing a method of using natural bioremediation to dramatically reduce waste fluid generation, reducing the headache of hazardous waste removal and bringing savings to the user.

Our commercial pasts washer is cost effective, safe to use, durable and most importantly a parts washer that works – Smartwasher® is an innovative parts cleaning machine that combines superior performance with environmental responsibility at an affordable price. With tens of thousands of users across Europe, it’s the smart parts washer for commercial parts and equipment.


1 Heated Ozzy Juice® – a non-solvent-based parts washer fluid – flows through nozzle and flo-thru brush on to the dirty part.

2 Grease, oil and all other contaminants are washed from the dirty part and flow through the Ozzy Filter™. The Filter is the KEY to the Smartwasher® system. It not only traps particulates down to 50 microns in size but it also contains Ozzy™ microbes. Heated to 40°c the microbes become active in the Ozzy Juice® solution and start eating the oil and grease creating a harmless by product of carbon-dioxide and water, eliminating the requirement for a regular clean out and leaving the fluid clean and strong for the next use.

3 Low fluid indicator light tells you when you need to top up with 20ltr Ozzy Juice®.

4 The pump recirculates the cleaning fluid at 15ltr per minute.

5 A heater element heats the Ozzy Juice® to 40°c – the optimum temperature for Ozzy™ microbes to work at.

The Smartwasher® is an industrial degreasing machine that’s easy to maintain in-house with a monthly change of the Filter and a top-up of Ozzy Juice® when the low fluid indicator light shows.

The three SMARTWASHER® components

The Smartwasher®  combines 3 essential components:-

1 The parts cleaning machine – Smartwasher®

2 The powerful water-based degreasing solution called Ozzy Juice®

3 The microbe-impregnated mat called Ozzy Filter™

The merging of these 3 products creates one impressive parts cleaning system – whilst the Ozzy Juice® is cleaning the dirty parts, the Ozzy™ microbes from the Filter mat are cleaning the Ozzy Juice®, leaving it strong and clean for every use.

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