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Our customers can be guaranteed that if it is a Rozone chemical cleaning or restoration product, it will have been formulated with user health and safety as the key driver. We aim to provide cleaning solutions with a lower environmental impact than traditional alternatives and as trusted advisors we aim to help companies:

  • Raise the standard of presentation
  • Provide efficient methods of cleaning
  • Reduce waste production
  • Cost Control: Best Practice in cleaning and presentation can save and make you money
  • Health & Safety: Improve work environment and safeguard employees
  • Environment: Lower impact on the environment

As a result of this, we’ve been successful in major projects and have a strong customer base, from blue chip organisations to specialist cleaning companies. Our products are used in a vast array of industry sectors – from our heritage in automotive and engineering workshops, we’ve expanded to see Rozone products being used in hi-tech manufacturing, fire and flood restoration, commercial kitchens and a variety of sectors.

Our range of own formulation chemical products have all been designed by our in-house Scientists working in partnership with customers and industry experts. Manufactured in our UK plant to a constantly high standard with quality control and full traceability across all lines we use the latest available proven technologies. All the raw materials used in our products are REACH compliant and we are fully aware of our legislative obligations and requirements - using Rozone’s cleaning products on a regular basis means you have an element of compliance built in.

We’ve learnt over the years that use of correct application equipment can have a huge effect on the efficiency and efficacy of cleaning operations, and that’s why we don’t just supply the cleaning product itself. We have a range of cleaning machines, application equipment and ancillary goods to compliment our chemicals so your cleaning operations can be performed to the highest standards.

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